Unit 02: Personal Pronouns


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    Personal Pronouns

    This summary of personal pronouns includes possessive adjectives for convenience and comparison.

    number / person / gender / / subject / object / possessive / reflexive / possessive adjective
    singular 1st m/f I me mine myself my
    2nd m/f you you yours yourself your
    3rd m he him his himself his
    f she her hers herself her
    n it it its itself its
    plural 1st m/f we us ours ourselves our
    2nd m/f you you yours yourselves your
    3rd m/f/n they them their themselves their

    * m=male f=female n=neuter

    subject :She likes homework.
    object : The teacher gave me some homework.
    possessive: This homework is yours.
    reflexive : John did the homework himself.
    possessive adjective : The teacher corrected our homework.

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    Good post, thanks


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