The Presentation stage.


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    6. The Presentation Stage

    After the text itself is ready, it is time to work on some finishing touches with aesthetics polishing your text to perfection.

    • If you are handwriting your text, use a ruler to create margins on both sides of the page. Remember to double-space if required by a teacher. Write neatly and legibly!

    • When using a computer, be consistent with font usage, spacing, and heading levels. Always be on the look out for more tiny errors for last-minute on-screen corrections.

    • In academic papers, adhere to the strict citation conventions, dictated by your style manual.

    • Consider using indentation for every paragraph as well as larger spacing between paragraphs.

    The writing process may seem long and tiresome, but it is a guaranteed path to success. The more you use it, the sooner you will realize how you couldn’t do without it.

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