Expressions with Do and Make.


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    Post Expressions with Do and Make.

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    Expressions with Do and Make

    Expressions with DO
    Here are some expressions that you should learn. Notice that as main verbs we use make more often than do:

    * do good
    * do harm
    * do well
    * do badly
    * do a favour
    * do business

    Expressions with MAKE

    * make an attempt
    * make a bed (usually this means "tidy the bedclothes" but it could mean "manufacture the furniture")
    * make a change/changes
    * make a complaint
    * make a decision
    * make a demand
    * make an effort
    * make an exception
    * make an excuse
    * make a loss
    * make love
    * make a mistake
    * make money
    * make a noise
    * make an offer
    * make peace
    * make a phone call
    * make a profit
    * make a suggestion
    * make war

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